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    AlphaPure 2000 (WSPX403)


    Price: $22,000

    S/N: 4124330/2002
    The Alfa Laval AlfaPure2000 Separator is a high speed centrifugal system. It is designed for cleaning fluids in process & metal-working industries.
    This self-cleaning unit is mounted on a mobile cart, complete with a new set tools, manual & EPC 1000 Control Unit.
    Max Density of Feed: 1100 Kg/m3
    Max Density of Sediment: 1689 Kg/m3
    Max Density of Operating Liquid 1000 Kg/m3
    460v 60Hz 3 Phase Direct Drive Motor
    Capacity Coolants and wash liquids 900-2000 l/h
    Lubricating oils 500-1200 l/h at correct viscosity